Why Alternative Investments?
November 12, 2019

Why Alternative Investments?

This three-part series will cover all you need to know about alternative investments. Click below to read the previous or next article. 

It is useful to consider a risk/return analysis. The chart below provides the range of returns that are available for different categories of investments 

As shown on the above graph, investment categories such as cash, bonds and property have the lowest risk percentage. These categories also have the lowest returns. The graph shows that generally, the greater the risk the greater the reward. Alternative investments such as venture capital, private equity, private company and mezzanine capital carry a higher risk compared to cash, bonds and property. These alternative investments however come with much greater returns. These greater returns are an advantage of investing in alternative investments.  

Like any investment, alternative investments come with benefits to the investor, as well as potential risksPart Three will explore the pros and cons of investing in alternative investments.  

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