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Are You A Good Board Member?

Are You A Good Board Member?

Prestige, status, experience and perks makes being a director sound great, but any board member will tell you that there is a LOT more to it, and such benefits are not what the job is about.

Kiwis Helping Kiwis – A PI Success Story

Kiwis Helping Kiwis – A PI Success Story

For David Bowes, inspiration struck when he saw a way to solve a reoccurring problem from his client requests. Bowes’ clients knew how important social media was, but they couldn’t find the link between that and brand building, or how to compare themselves to competitors. Bowes quickly found that existing tools in the market couldn’t solve this problem. And so, Zavy was born.

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Providing investors with information and inspiration on helping New Zealand grow.

We have established Private Investor to be a leading authority for investing in New Zealand. We aim to provide investors with information and inspiration on helping New Zealand grow, by investing in ambitious Kiwi private businesses and alternative investments. Historically, information about and access to these alternative investment opportunities has been difficult. Private Investor was created to help investors gain knowledge and accessibility to such opportunities.

Private Investor is powered by Armillary Private Capital which has an experienced team that help businesses, business owners and investors achieve their business goals and create value. At Armillary Private Capital, we understand that investing in private companies requires not only a deep understanding of what makes companies work but also how value is created and realised. That is why we also manage investment entities aimed at creating value through direct investment in alternative asset classes.

Armillary Private Capital’s purpose is:

enabling success and its services help you take the next step to grow value in your business or investment portfolio.

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